Rescue. Restore. Return.
My Sister's Place

MSP is a life-recovery program for women that provides shelter, guidance, and love through a structured healing process. We believe in relying on Jesus and the 12 Steps for recovery from addiction, abuse, and other painful experiences. Our mission is to rescue hurting women, restore their sense of identity, and return them to their communities as healed individuals.

Bible Study

A Message from Our Founder & Director

You may be wondering the reason for the number 54 in the names of Restore54 and Building 54:11. It is referring to the following verse:

Afflicted city, lashed by storms and not comforted, I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise, your foundations with lapis lazuli. Isaiah 54:11

This verse has a symbolic meaning that has become an encouragement for both our leaders and our residents.

  • Turquoise frequently symbolizes peace, which is all any of us are really looking for. True and lasting peace is only found in Him, who presides over us all.
  • Lapis Lazuli is a bright blue metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rocks arise from the transformation of existing rock types in a process called metamorphism, which means "change in form." Also, metamorphic rocks result from the alteration of preexisting rocks in response to changing environmental conditions, such as variations in temperature and pressure.
  • Both turquoise and lapis lazuli are blue, and it has been said that blue signifies the healing power of God.

May all who come to MSP know and experience the peace of God, His transforming grace, and the healing love that only Jesus can offer!

In His Service,
Cindy Hildebrand
Founder and Director of MSP

Our Facilities

We have three residential locations, and residents move to different facilities as they progress in the program.

Building 54:11 is our entry-level facility, which is where our offices are also located.

BIG House (Beginnings In God) is our second-level rural facility.

Wilson Drive is a residential location where we have multiple duplexes and apartments. Here, we house graduates, leaders, and families.


Establish communities of healed women and their children in order to break the cycle of unhealthy dependence, creating positive change for generations to come.


Rescue broken women from harmful environments, painful addictions, and hopeless situations.

Restore their sense of identity, their dignity, and their independence.

Return them to their families and communities as a whole and healed women.


Christ-Centered Love






Impact Stories


Jessica - Resident

Jessica first heard about MSP when she was in Shelby County Jail in 2017. She came for four months but ended up going back to a lifestyle that caused her to wind up in prison in 2018. She had abused pain medication, used heroin, and been involved in prostitution for many years, and she was caught in a mentality that her life was all it could be, and that she had to continue being the person she had always been. When she went to jail again in 2020 for prostitution, a friend of hers said they would bond her out if she would go to church, and she complied. When she got out of jail, she was grateful to be welcomed back to My Sister's Place. This time, she was willing to do things differently. Jessica was tired and felt like she had tried everything else. She was inspired by the faith of the leaders and graduates, soon realizing that God also has a purpose for her own life- a bigger picture. She now has a legal job, and she even got to spend Christmas with her son for the first time in seven years. Jessica says, "Before I came to MSP, I didn't know how to come to God, have a relationship with Jesus, or even pray. Just hearing someone say 'God' or 'Jesus' made me feel uneasy because of all the awful things I'd done, just trying to survive. Ms. Cindy and the staff here at MSP showed me God's love and taught me how to have a relationship with Him, which has RADICALLY changed my life!"


Misty - Graduate, Staff Member

Prior to coming to My Sister's Place, Misty was incarcerated for eight months, and she ended up being court-ordered to MSP. For the first thirty days, she was unsure whether the program was something she wanted to invest in, but she started becoming open-minded when she heard the Biblical truth that MSP offered. A year later, her court order was over, but she chose to stay because she had discovered a new way to live. Now she gets to take on more leadership roles at MSP, and she says, "It is a privilege to be trusted and to be able to sponsor other women." Misty is more independent than she has ever been, and she is now finding fulfillment in her relationship with God. She says, "I know that, at the end of the day, my sobriety is not hinged on a program, but it is hinged on my spiritual walk and my spiritual condition." Here is Misty's story in her own words: "My life prior to MSP was one full of pain, despair, hopelessness, and darkness. I never knew my life could be any different. This faith-based program has pointed me to Christ and, through Him, I have been set free. I have been given hope and a future. I have regained life skills I thought were long lost. Relationships I thought would never be restored have been completely restored. I have gone from hopeless to hopeful, from lost to found, from darkness to complete light, and from loneliness to fellowship. This community loved me until I was able to love myself, which, in return, has allowed me to love others."


Arryon - Graduate

Arryon first came to MSP in 2013, but she ended up leaving and returning over the next five years, staying for approximately a year or so each time. In 2018, Arryon found herself struggling again and unsure how to raise her kids on her own. When she thought about returning to MSP, Arryon says she remembered, "It was the only place I have ever had a family or consistency." When she called and explained her situation, Cindy simply said, "Come home." MSP helped Arryon to procure an apartment for her and her children, and shortly after she took the step of faith to return to MSP, her sister followed her lead. God even took the family restoration a step further and made way for Arryon's mom to move in with her, which helped her mom to get the help she also needed. Since being back in her church community, Arryon's children have gotten involved in boys and girls ministries, and Arryon has even started serving in the girl's ministry, where she is learning how to talk to young girls about their relationships with Jesus. To all the hurting women out there, Arryon says, "You are wanted and belong in the Kingdom. You have a special place in God's plan! Without you, a piece of the plan is missing. COME HOME!!! Those two words changed my life forever, and I pray they also change yours."